Positive Aging

Look and feel your best — in your 20s, 40s, 60s, and beyond.

Individually curated strategies to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Rediscovering an appearance that inspires confidence is an art form. By focusing on the cornerstones of beauty — a refreshed skin tone and smooth skin texture, healthy appearance and shape — we can help to bring out your best.

We believe the most successful rejuvenation strategies are highly individualized and take an integrated, 360° approach to overall wellness throughout each stage of your life. By choosing the most conservative treatment plan to achieve natural-looking outcomes, your inner radiance will shine through.

Our holistic approach considers three key phases:

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Your 20s and 30s

In your 20s and 30s you have youthful skin, but by taking a few small, preventative measures, we can get ahead of the reparative goals you’ll have a few decades away. At this phase, our primary objective is to help you get to know your skin type in order to build a simple, repeatable routine that will allow for conservative and low maintenance treatments.

At this stage, we address any early signs of fine lines with neuromodulators. It’s also important to offset early changes to collagen and elastin by implementing treatments that stimulate collagen production or boost the skin’s elasticity. We may also turn to microinjections to improve the skin’s smoothness and hydration. Regardless, this is a thoughtful and conservative way to familiarize yourself with the potential of cosmetic dermatology without urgency or pressure.

Take control of your appearance and your confidence.

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Modern Maintenance

Your 40s and 50s

In your 40s and 50s, we have parallel goals for treatment planning: prevention and correction. Collagen and elastin production have slowed down, allowing early signs of skin laxity and fine lines to appear. The skin starts to look loose and dull compared to years past, but there’s still plenty we are able to do to reinvigorate the youthfulness you’re used to. This period can lend itself to slightly more combative treatments at an increased frequency as we address the skin’s natural changes with more gusto than before, but by planning in advance we can maintain a conservative approach towards meaningful results.

Modern maintenance can include treatments that soften shadows by adding volume and filling fine lines and restore vibrance by supplementing skin’s natural hydration. It can also include subtle, preventative skin tightening treatments so that future efforts can remain more conservative over time.

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Advanced Approach

Your 60s and Beyond

Despite having long-established routines, our patients over 60 are often most willing to turn their regimens around in order to embrace time with confidence. We call this period “positive aging”. Positive aging typically focuses on loss of volume, resulting in skin laxity, and textural and complexion changes that can cause you to appear tired. We work with you to develop a program to bring your skin to its most healthy, vital state with treatments that tighten skin, restore volume loss, and give you a refreshed appearance overall.

While we can’t escape the hands of time, we can work collaboratively with you to help you look your best, feel your best, and continue living life to its fullest. The better we listen, the better the results.

Looking Ahead

It’s truly never too early or too late to get started.

There are preventative and restorative treatments and products that can help you age positively and confidently across every phase of life.

Take control of your appearance and your confidence.

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