Cosmetic Dermatology is no longer a service.
It's a collaboration.

The field of aesthetic medicine is evolving quickly, and we’re committed to remaining at its forefront. At Humphrey & Beleznay Cosmetic Dermatology, we believe that the future of cosmetic dermatology is evidence-based and patient-centric, not transactional. That meeting new expectations of convenience should never mean sacrificing quality. That aging is something to appreciate and savour, not fear. And that we have something new to learn from our patients every single day.

At the foundation of our practice is our focus on each individual patient journey. We know that beauty and wellness are intricately connected. Our 360° philosophy is based on a holistic approach to cosmetic dermatology — we make incremental changes in appearance that impact how our patients feel and allow them to live fuller, more vibrant lives.

By understanding the full story behind each patient that walks through the door — from their anatomical makeup, to their lifestyle and specific aesthetic goals — we’re able to develop highly personalized, conservative programs that achieve natural results over time and leverage the cumulative effects of each treatment. While patient goals may differ and evolve, our main goal always remains the same: to empower everyone to live with the confidence they deserve.

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